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I invite you to journey The Returning. This is my foundational body of work. This is a journey of landing back home into the physical body, building an intimate relationship with the body and your innate Feminine Nature. 

I have journeyed this work personally over and over again, these are my life tools and practises. I have taken hundreds of women through this work and it never ceases to amaze me the profound impact it can have on your life. 

This is a radical journey of self discovery and self love. This is reconnection of reclaiming your physical body, your sexuality and your essence as a feminine being. These tools are the necessary tools to assist you in your journey of becoming the connected, open, receptive and alive woman that you desire to be. 

This journey is filled with the foundational tools to navigate through this life, this is a revolutionary and life changing body of work. 

With over 11 modules including womb clearing, heart work, archetypal medicine, pussy connection, embodiment tools, dearmouring, nervous system work, inner child connection, anatomy of the pleasure body and so so much more. 

With extra modules, prompts and writing to take you deeper into yourself, as we go. 

This is for women who know that there is MORE to experience in this lifetime. This is for women wanting to revolutionise their relationship with their body and their relationships with others. This is for women wanting to FEEL their FULL POWER selves. This is for women wanting to live their life from the aliveness of their body.

You will have a network of women journeying this work at the same time, a space to share how this work is landing for you, what is unfolding in your life with my guidance and mentoring in this space. 


-1 x live group coaching call per month via zoom

-1 x live group embodiment journey specifically for The Returning every 6 weeks via zoom

- Access to "Body" public class monthly for your duration of the container. 

The Returning is priced at $222 AUD per month with a 6 month commitment. You can join The Returning anytime on the link below.

You will need 1 x Cervix Serpant Wand for this journey found here:

MELODYLOVE gives you 10% off purchase.

Join The Returning below:

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