Cracks you

Wide open 


The heart

Of God


She caresses you

So you

Know you are


To love

Once again

Through your vessel

Your temple

Your home

You land

To discover

How to 




So every second





With the essence

Of nothing



The Opening is an 8 month container launching April 2023.

This journey is for those that want to go deep into themselves and open into the feminine. We will be delving into sacred feminine teachings, exploring the feminine body. This container will be exploring the ways in which we are resistant to experiencing love and creating space in the body to open into a deep sense of experiencing life. We will be looking at patterns, behaviours, deconstructing programmes and working with embodiment. This work will be from the inside > out. We will be exploring the themes of sexuality and relating, the female body, feminine artistry and much much more. Expect to explore the depths of your desire, your capacity for holding, your heart, your pussy. Expect transmissions of the feminine, embodiment practises, shadow work and so much more.

It is a slow unfolding. 

A deep opening into life.

This is a felt process, much of which cannot be put into words. It is a trust in the feminine that calls you to explore yourself more. It is a trust in your yearning and desire for a deeper experience. It is a following in the calling for truth.

Melody will be inviting various guest facilitators, leaders and experts in this field to be bringing their medicine into the space over the 8 month period.

There will be two monthly calls with Melody, an online space where you will have unlimited access to her, plus the guest facilitators calls (meet the guest facilitators below). All content will be recorded so you can have access to the replays anytime within the container.

You will also have access to "The Returning" Melody's foundational body of work, including monthly group coaching calls and "Body" Melody's public monthly embodiment classes for the duration of the container. 

The investment is £444 per month. Longer term payment plans available.

You will receive a dearmouring wand included when you sign up. This is a powerful and necessary tool for The Opening.

Begins April 2023.

Book a free discovery call below to have any questions answered around The Opening. 

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It is such an honour to welcome these humans into the space. They are leaders in the fields of sexuality, relating and truth work. They are here in creation of the embodied revolution. I cannot wait for their medicine to filter into this container.


Shannon Major is an Oracle and Teacher of the Feminine Arts. She has worked with women professionally for a decade, supporting them in experiencing healthier relationships, self-love, and the embodiment of their essence.

Shannon believes that through radical self-acceptance and a connection to the body, women can reclaim their wholeness and the magnetic beauty that lies within their deep sensitivity. 

Shannon’s medicine teaches us that through embracing our deep sensitivity, we come to know the unique essence & magic that lives at the core of who we are. It’s this connection to our innate truth which uncovers the fulfillment we have been taught to seek everywhere but within. Shannon's work is subversive, rich, and spiritually transformational; she sees beyond the veils of conditioning and understands the depths of our humanity to be Divinity Incarnated. 



Kristian is a Mindset & Empowerment Mentor / Relationship & Intimacy Coach. His purpose is empowering heart-led men and women to discover their purpose, live life as the truest expression of themselves and have the relationship of their dreams. His personal journey has seen him overcome seven years of chronic sinus infections, leave corporate, consciously uncouple, go all in on his purpose, unapologetically speak his heart's Truth, and evolve himself as a man to become the vibrational match for his ideal partner.

Through his own journey and everything he has learnt along the way, it has become his passion to help people realise they are good enough to actualise their dreams. He has supported more than 5,000 people in their Self-Discovery journey to live their most free, loving and fulfilled life. 

Kris Ocean Breeze.jpg