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A 24 day place of Practise. Cultivation. Community. Eros.


During Cultivate we will meet daily live via zoom (or recorded for catch ups) for 10- 30 minutes of practise and guidance of Eros exploration.


Every day for 24 days come in Devotion to Cultivating your Erotic Energy. With different tools, practises, techniques and exercises, Cultivate is a practise space, a learning space, a deepening space.


I speak a lot about this, but Eros is not the end destination it is the bridge between you and your Creativity. It is the generation of the Source that will inspire the vision forwards. Come and Cultivate a practise of Opening the Body, Softening into Self and Building Erotic Aliveness. 


We begin December 1st at 8am GMT.


Just like your advent calendar we go for 24 days, but this year it’s Erotic baby. 


Cultivate is for beginners and seasonsed Eros explorers. All practises will be guided.


All calls via zoom with a community space for recordings and digestions. 


You will have access to the recordings until End of February, so there is time for you to run it thrice!


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