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Join us on Sunday 24th 5pm on Hackney Road, East London for 2.5 hours of journeying the Medicine of More. An in person Experience of Opening to More that is avaible to you. 


This experience is for the Woman who is ready to receive More. For the Woman that is ready to expand into a life that holds More for her.


During this 2 edges we will explore what it means to show up for more, to have and hold more and to experience the range of what is truly available to you as a Woman.


There is so much conditioning around what it means to Have as a Woman and what happens when you unlock the Desire and Appetite inside of you to open into a bigger and fuller life.


Bringing in the themes of Yearning & Longing join us for MORE. 


Price: £44.00 


Melody is a Facilitator and Activational Teacher in Service to The Path of The Feminine.

She is radically devoted to her own remembrance, sharing the work of transformation, spiritually and sexually, taking others on a journey of meeting the depths of themselves, having access to the Truth of their Being and touching their Essence.


Melody's work is deep, it transveres lifetimes of wisdom, depth, pattern revealing and so much more. It is the work of Truth.

Melody is passionate about women having access to their power, their full expression and bringing fourth their Essence into the world.

Melody’s transmission is one of Power and Grace.

MORE: The Art of Having live in London

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