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A 6 week journey into Your Desire

Pulse: A 6 week Journey into Your Desire

Welcome to Pulse.

Pulse is a 6 week Journey in Service to Your Desire. The Aliveness inside of you that holds intelligence to your next Opening. The thread of Mystery that weaves it's way through your life. The Pulse that pulls you from place to experience. Your Desire is one of the most intimate relationships to Harness. The subtle pulls of Creation leading you from one thing to the next.

Society tells us that Desire is bad, we shouldn't want, we shouldn't follow, we can't have, but what if Desire held the keys to the Path that are specific for you to live out your fullest Expression? What if Desire itself is how you tap into The Creation of your Reality? What if Desire was the very Pulse that Opened doors of Opportunity.

I am really excited to be bringing this body of work to you. For a long while I have wanted to create an in depth container in Service solely to Desire?

This frequency is Subtle. Which is perfect because Desire can often sit in the subtleties. It's not wet, it's not fiery, it's in the Subtle body. It could be gentle enough to ignore, but what happens when we keep ignoring that PULSE?

Desire is generally misunderstood.  The nuances of Desire are really fascinating to me and something that can often be overlooked. The mechanisms, the blocks, the Mystery; all of it and I am really excited to bring this body of work to you to assist in harnessing a deeper relationship with your Desire.

I have lived a life of following my desire, whilst seeing all the places I have not trusted it; blocked it, suppressed it, opened to it, confused it, followed it and all the Magic in between. 

Having connection to Desire is one of the foundations of The Path of The Feminine. It is the gateway to Truth and Mystery.

In this 6 week journey we will work with Archetypal Medicine, Transmissions on Desire; What is Desire? Opening to Desire, Inner Child Impact, Fear & Expansion, Meeting Desire, Working with Eros & Desire, How to feel your True Desire, Following the Mystery, What is required to Have your Desire and so much more.

I'm really looking forward to bringing these teachings forwards to you, in a way that I have never before.

What happens when you choose to live a life led by Desire? How do you surrender to a plan much bigger than yours, and let Desire lead to Create a life you didn't know you wanted but that is undeniably connected to Truth?

Will you follow Her call?

This container is for all levels.

We begin Wednesday 17th July 11am BST. All calls are recorded and added to our home portal; a community space for digestion and shares. 

Prices below are in GBP (£).

I am in Service to Desire and following the threads that The Pulse leads you to > If you need another financial option that is not available, please reach out.



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