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Mentor and Guide on The Path of Embodied Spirituality

She is,

Two feet on the earth

Each step a reclamation

Each Step

A sacred rite.

She is,

A heart dripped in sex

The energy of the jungle in her bones

She moves

With the hum of the huntress

In her blood

Stalking her growth

Protecting her evolution.

Within her eyes, 

Is a deep portal of knowing

Where everything

That isn't true

Falls from its power.

Her lungs

Only accept the sweetest of air

And use it

To play the vibrations

Of the truest song

Your heart has ever known.

Melody's essence captured by Erica Perry




Melody is a Mentor and Guide in Service to The Feminine. She is deeply passionate about transformation and holding spaces for women to unravel and reclaim their full versions of their highest Truth.


The foundations of her work are based on the relationship with the body after her own journey with her body and acknowledging the radical shifts reconnecting with this has impacted her life. 

After shutting her body down for 5 years after some time of abuse and unconscious and unhealthy behaviours, Melody has learnt to open into the depths of life. 

This work has impacted all areas for her; her relationships, intimacy, business, money, family and sex.

She is ALL about Women finding and being in their POWER. 

Melody has studied and trained with some of the worlds most renowned leaders in the field of tantra, feminine embodiment, trauma and transformational work. 

Melody is passionate about energetic mastery and "parts" work so expect to hear her speak on the energetics of how things are unfolding. She loves incorporating work on the shadow of the feminine.

Melody's transmission is one of power and grace. She embodies all parts of the feminine and is not afraid to take you deep into yourself. 

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