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Join Melody in The Jungle in Costa Rica for a 6 day Metamorphic Experience.

April 28th- May 3rd 2024

Women, Welcome. 

I am so glad you felt the pull to join us in The Jungle.

On April 28th 2024 we will gather at Brave Earth deep in The Jungle in Finca, Costa Rica for 6 days of Metamorphasis.

I am so excited to be creating an unbelieably special, rich, deep, expansive and connective experience for you all. This is a fully immersive 6 days, full of magick, primal body transformation, womanhood, Ancient Rememberance and so much more.

DSC04176 2.JPG

I am so excited to welcome you to The Jungle.

Over this 6 days you can be expect a deeply nourishing and radically transformative experience. This 6 days has been created with intention, connection and unfurling at the forefront.

I will be teaching practises and knowledge that have never been taught before in my containers. Once I said yes to this, the work has been coming through me and I am a full YES to some of these EDGY and TRANSFORMATIVE practises and teachings.

This experience is going to be so rich and so deep.

She calls you. The Feminine calls the parts of you forgotten to come home and Remember. She will call you in knowing that it is your time to reconnect with the Ancient Aspects of you. Be prepared for journey of Awakening, Embodiment, Magic, Ritual and Transformation. A journey of all journeys that takes you to depths of you and connects you to the Divinity of your Essence within. This journey will stretch and weave it's way as The Feminine opens, transforms and invites deeper aspects of you forwards.

My work is in Service to The Feminine, Truth and Transformation and this is what this 6 days will be immersed in.

Teachings on Eros, Sexuality, Heart, Woman Codes, Queen Codes, Stripping your Masks Bare, Touching your Essence and so much more. 

This experience has been specifically curated with you in mind. I have spent a long time in selection of the space, how I want it to feel and what I desire for you to experience.

I invite you to Brave Earth, an eco luxury retreat space. Brave Earth has been built with so much intention, devotion and beauty. I chose this particular site as I am invested in your recievership, your ability to gift yourself nourishing, rich experiences, that don’t cost the Earth. Brave Earth is tucked away, in the depths of the jungle, in Finca, the North of Costa Rica. Being in The Jungle, is another transmission of it’s own. Sleeping to the sounds of the jungle, being held by the depths of Mother Earth. This place is alive and pulsing. Just like you and your Essence. 


Gaia Dome.

Merkaba Moloca.
The space we will gather to journey for the 6 days.


This 6 days is in Service to your Evolution of your Expression. If you have been working with me for a while you will know my incessant need for depth and that is exactly what we will be doing. My intention for the week is to guide you in transformation and give you Permission to access the depths of yourself; we will be touching the deeper thing. We will be meeting ourselves and being in commitment to touching the Truth of your Essence time and time again. 


This 6 days is in Service to your Power; you meeting, cultivating, expanding your power.


This 6 days is in Service to your Raw Expression, tenderly revealing the Truth of Who you Are at your core. 

Specific spaces and room availability are limited so early booking is very much advised. 

All attendees will be in their own room. There are however, tiered pricing to make it accessible to all price ranges and experiences desired.


Jungle Hut.

Travelling all the way to Costa Rica, I have no doubt that you desire to experience the magic that this place holds. The Jungle in it's self is a transmission. I have, also, arranged some magic experiences for us to take part in that I want to surprise you with, to invite you to be with the mystery and the magic. You will get to immerse yourself in the lands here and there will be a couple of excursions included in your experience. 


Natural  swimming Pond.



Melody is a Facilitator and Activational Teacher in Service to The Path of The Feminine.

She is radically devoted to her own remembrance, sharing the work of transformation, spiritually and sexually, taking others on a journey of meeting the depths of themselves, having access to the Truth of their Being and touching their Essence.


Melody's work is deep, it transveres lifetimes of wisdom, depth, pattern revealing and so much more. It is the work of Truth.

Melody is passionate about women having access to their power, their full expression and bringing fourth their Essence into the world.

Melody’s transmission is one of Power and Grace. 



Jayde Alexandra - Weaving the worlds of embodiment and eros, Jayde’s mission is to activate as many women into their full expression through the untamed and wild feminine. She is an activator, here to illuminate the way of a free, wild and deeply passionate life. Creatrix of the 'Temple of Eros,' a sacred sanctuary of archetypal embodiment weaved with erotic dance. Jayde's passion lies in setting women free, awakening their deepest, most embodied expressions and reclaim their erotic power.

‘My intention in being priestess on Melody’s Retreat is to support all the women with integration, logistics, after care and nurture, I will be energetically holding the space with love and care so that you can all drop deeply into your embodiment and journey into the depths of yourselves. I’m honoured to be supporting my teacher Melody and receiving this experience with you all and I look forward to all the memories we will create together in the jungle’

Room Availability and Pricing
The price stated below is in GBP (£) and includes your stay, your food and all experiences on site and excursion experiences that are off site. Prices are variant on the rooms available, there is a certain amount of rooms at each different price range. All rooms are stunning, they just vary on how luxe you desire your experience to be. Level 2 rooms are Jungle Huts.  As previously stated all rooms are luxury, built with deep intention and beauty. Everyone will have their own room, this is intentional and an important part for you experience and integration of the work we will be doing.


Each level of room availability is limited. Payment options at the bottom of the page.
Level 2 - £2,199

N.B All sales are final. In any unforseen circumstances you will be given a credit. 



    Every month
    Valid for 4 months

I am so deeply honourned and excited to be bringing this work to Costa Rica. I am so excited to Welcome you and I am availble to answer any questions, queries you may have around joining us. 

You can contact me here with any queries:

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