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All About Me



This is a 6 month path into your Woman hood.

An erotically connected, open system, alive, receptive to life, juicy, dropped back into her body: WOMAN

This 6 month container is in service to your erotic aliveness and learning to live with an open system. It is you connecting with and owning the fullness of your expression, the clarity of your desire and your power and becoming unapologetic in your fullness. During this 6 month path we will explore what it means to be turned on and alive whilst learning what it means to be radically responsible for ALL OF YOU.

We will be exploring themes of responsibility of power, erotic aliveness, embodied expression, cultivating life force, intentional reality creation and building your empire, what is reception, heart and eros integration, taking care of your woman, what does it mean to be embodied and SO much more.

WOMAN will begin on May 25TH at 11am BST for our Opening Ceremony. We will then journey every 2nd and 4th week of the month for 6 months, calls remaining on the Thursdays at 11am BST. 

You will receive access to 'DRIP' for a year alongside this container, and for assistance post this path, with integration of your WOMAN. 

There will also be bonus recordings along the way.

All calls will be recorded and uploaded to an online portal where you will be connected with the community of WOMEN journeying WOMAN. There is just 12 spaces for this path.

You can join WOMAN for £222.00 per month, longer payment plans available on request. I make ALL my work accessible to anyone that feels the call, follow your desire and contact me. 

I'm so excited to feel your woman.

If you are a full fk yes and ready, you can join WOMAN below. If you have questions, queries or concerns please reach me at and let's chat.


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